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Traveling Post-Pandemic: A New Normal

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the world has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 virus. Travel has been changed, possibly forever, and keeping up with the new normal in travel destinations around the world can be tough. This is where professional help in the form of travel agents can come in handy. Here are some tips for traveling after 2020:

1)      There are still lots of restrictions in place in hotels. This means most will have a lower occupancy maximum, their staffing might be lessened, and services could be cut. If a specific hotel or even hotel brand is required, look to book these places well in advance to avoid disappointment.

2)      Museums and tourist attractions may be either closed or have shorter hours and less availability. The requirements for cleaning and upkeep have increased significantly for a lot of these places and to maintain the standards required to stay open, there may be a change to their operations. If there is a specific date or time required on the itinerary for these locations, reach out far ahead of time to get tickets or reserve time slots. Ask about the cancellation policies at that time in case of issues arising in between booking and travel timelines.

3)      Quarantine-fatigue may cause some travelers to look at traveling for extended periods of time to make up for the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders they have endured. This means that the typical “tourist seasons” in some regions may be extended and the popularity of certain locations may increase dramatically at different times than is usual. This could strain resources in a lot of areas that are not prepared for a dramatic influx. Be prepared for limited resources and extended wait times in some popular locations and plan accordingly or use a flexible schedule when possible.

4)      Touchless technology has increased all over the world. The days of touching the same items as innumerable strangers are likely behind us for quite awhile. Technology has picked up on this and will likely be replacing a lot of what we have previously been used to. Think wireless access, virtual tours and touchless hygiene stations around the world.

5)      Increased costs are likely to be seen across the world as the travel industry clammers to regain some of the lost income from the pandemic. Expect to pay higher airfares, increased hotel costs and even extra tacked on fees for essentials.

With the whole world getting ready to return to worldwide travel again, things will be looking different for everyone. Being flexible, planning well in advance and investigating options will be the new way of international travel.

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