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10 Fun Facts About Trentino-Alto Adige

Italy is a diverse and amazing land with 20 individual regions and landscapes that go from forest & tall mountains to seas and beaches. You can find everything you could want in a travel destination here.

Here are 10 Fun Facts about the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy – the Italian Alps:

1)      This area has two official languages – Italian and German with a large population of German speakers residing here. Originally part of Austria, during World War I this area became part of Italy and the Austrians residing here immediately became Italians.

2)      Apples & mushrooms play a big part in the cuisine of this region. It may sound odd to combine these together, but they can be a delicious combination that adds a delicate and unique taste to the dishes. Find a delicious recipe for this combination here:

3)      There are a wide variety of wines produced here including Pinot, Riesling, Traminer whites, Cabernet and Merlot reds. Alto Adige is one of Italy’s smallest wine growing regions but boasts around 20 grape varieties. 

4)      A typical cured meat of the area, Speck is a lightly smoked ham, different from but similar to prosciutto crudo. This product is made with quality in mind – from carefully choosing the cuts of meat based on the pig’s diet and how they were raised, to strict regulations about transport and refrigeration requirements.

5)      Canederli is a delicious style of dumpling served here, often with broth and/or cheese sprinkled on top. It includes eggs, flour, bread, speck and cheese rolled into a ball. Served as a main course or first course, it is created with love and recipes that date back generations.

6)      The area is famous for the Dolomites mountains with ski resorts and amazing summer views. Cable cars and chairlift services are offered in the summer to reach higher mountain huts, or rifugios. If scenic views are on your to-do list, these peaks are worth the trip up the mountains.

7)      Trains are an important mode of transportation in Italy and this region is no exception. Easily travel to Trentino-Alto Adige by train or use the bus service to reach towns where the train may not be available.

8)      There are amazing Christmas markets here in the winter. You can catch special trains just to reach the Christmas markets. Enjoy the charming feel of picturesque wooden huts, festive lights and delicious smells while walking through the markets in search of gifts or even just enjoy the experience all on its own.

9)      This region has more than 300 castles with picturesque backgrounds and settings. The perfect way to spend some time in the countryside is to tour around looking at historic castles with ancient stone walls and centuries of charm.

10)   There are 297 lakes in an approx. 35 square km range. Amazing settings for photography or just a stroll to see the gorgeous colors of the deep blue or emerald green lakes scattering the area.